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Who are we ?

Blue Metaphor Ltd was founded by Sheherazade Bodin, whose aim is to help filmmakers, writers and any creative voices develop their projects portraying social, cultural or environmental matters. We want to help the world become a better place, one film at a time, and support all creatives, no matter their background, in an inclusive way.

At Blue Metaphor, we love noisy voices, speaking the truth loud and clear. We want to get new perspectives on what a film should be, should look like and should say. We promote diversity and inclusivity, as we believe no one should be silenced.

We thrive when unheard or misunderstood voices finally get the spotlight!

What do we do ?


Story is the center of every project, from strategy, messaging, to every visual choice, and more than ever in the editing. The message you want to convey should meet the project we deliver. If you are unsure, we will find the story in your hours of footage.


We love to be on a set in any capacity, creating fun and stress-free environments. We have been working on different scale projects, producing most of them, and directing some. 

From production to post-production, we help you get that idea off the ground. Either you have a script and are in need of a director, a producer, funding, or you are a director looking for someone to plan your production, you will be in good hands with us.

Depending on the needs of the project, we work with a trusted group of collaborators to deliver quality films.

We advise, we help, we promote.


We know too well that films are brought to life in the editing process. We work hard to achieve the best outcome possible, following your vision. We take on small or big editing projects, always in link with our motto. We work with trusted collaborators if your project requires more than editing (VFX or Motion Design).


Thanks to our director, Sheherazade, who attended the Albert Certification Production training, we create as sustainable productions as we can. We always look in depth into our way of filming to always come up with new ideas to make more eco-friendly productions.

Blue Metaphor Albert Production Certification
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